How To Order

To ensure smooth transactions & to avoid delays, please follow the steps below:

Step 1:Browse through the items.
Step 2:Please send your detail-email address, contact number, mailing address
Step 3:Then,to get an instant feedback,please SMS ORDER or SMS PERTANYAAN to 010-9001453
SMS Format:
Type <name> space <album name> space <item code/question> space <state>,
send to 010-9001453

Step 4:Please move your cursor and click on the picture/image of your desired item(s) to obtain the item code.

Step 5:We will reply your text within 24 hours to confirm the availability of the item(s).

Step 6:Once confirm, bank details will be given to you for payment. The payment must be made within 3 days after you have sent the order to us or your order will be cancelled.

Step 7:After payment has been made, please send us a text massage to notify us. Please include transaction date and amount of payment.
Step 8: Item(s) will be send out within 3 days once payment has been received. (With the exception of Sunday, Saturday and public holidays).
**Important Note: If you interested to know more , kindly drop us an email at or you can text us directly at 010-9001453 and we will attend to you as soon as possible!

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